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Installation that’s a breath of fresh air

We partner with VELUX Signature Skylight Specialists to ensure flawless installation.

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Choose from a variety of quality VELUX skylights, and we’ll help you personalize them and plan for installation.

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Several factors affect the pricing of skylights. Our online quoting process will take these into consideration and provide you the best recommendation for your home. Throughout the process, we will gather:

Knowing the age, size, architecture, and more details about your home will help our experts provide the most accurate quote possible.

Details like the roof pitch and interior light shaft depth may affect the duration of the project. Providing this information upfront ensures a smooth installation process.

Having a picture of where the skylights will be installed helps our skylights specialist plan for their time on the jobsite and streamlines installation.


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Pay for and schedule an appointment with a local, signature skylight specialist. Our nationwide network of signature skylight specialists has the experience, customer service standards, and training to dependably and efficiently bring daylight and fresh air to your home.

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